Whether you choose to go with one of our gorgeous pre-designed homes, or you prefer to start from scratch; we always encourage our clients to be actively involved in the entire planning and building process.

We’ve outlined the major steps you can expect in the homebuilding process from dreaming to move in day.

Step 1 – Your Wish List

One of the most exciting parts about planning your dream home is figuring out what you want your home to include. How many bedrooms do you need? Big kitchen? In-law suite? List all the things that would make you happymeet your needs, and exceed your expectations

Step 2 – Consultation

You’ll schedule a sit down with one our representatives at your convenience. Our team will help you determine your style, budget, and how to get everything on your wish list into your new custom home. You can choose to work with our architect or bring plans from any architect of your choice.

Step 3 – Contract and Paperwork

Sign your contract and paperwork to get started building your dream home! We can work with you on financing and lending solutions.  

Step 4 – Site Selection / Inspection

Our experienced construction and sales team will meet you at your land and look at the lot layout, land characteristics, and where the home will be best situated.

Step 5 – Customization

It’s time to have some fun! This is the stage when you will customize all elements of your home, from windows to appliances, flooring to paint, now is the time to find your samples and visualize how your Azar Custom home will look and feel when it’s finished.  

Step 6 – Pre-Construction

This is the last step in the planning process. Our team will meet with you to review and finalize all details about your new home before we begin construction.

Step 7 – Construction

There are a couple of phases to construction. We’ll begin by excavating the land and installing the foundation. From there, the interior and exterior framing will take place. Windows and doors are installed, then shingles are added. Next, we add the plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, insulation, and some of the exterior finishes. Once all of this has been completed, it’s time for drywall, then the interior finishes such as painting, flooring, trim, cabinets, lighting and plumbing fixtures are added.

Step 8 – Finishing Touches

These are the final details of the project such as installing shelving, mirrors, and other details to get the home ready for living. We finish with a full top to bottom cleaning of the home. 

Step 9 – Final Inspection

Once we finish the home, an inspection will be scheduled, and an Azar Homes representative will meet you on site. This meeting is used to familiarize yourself with the new elements of your home, and ensures the home meets our high standards for completion 

Step 10 – Enjoy Your New Home

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your dream home. 

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